Participants on Writeshop

AUGUST 16, 2018, LM METRO HOTEL Z.C – The Western Alliance of Basilan information officers gathered to attend News Writing Writeshop to be conducted by Institute for Autonomy and Governance (IAG) and organizers, AECID-MILAD Project from August 16-17, 2018 at LM Metro Hotel, Tetuan, Zamboanga City.

The municipality of Lantawan send Hja Nena L. Namla and Mr. Bojo H. Sajiran as the one who manage and maintain the municipal website at the same time who provide article or any news write ups for the municipality. During the opening program the Project Manager Mr. Noor Saada welcome the participants from the different municipalities with utmost confident to make this project successful in one way or another. Some participants came early before the start of the training at 11:00 am, the lecture proper started right on time with the very intense discussion wherein the Resource Speaker start to ask the participants to define journalism then later she reveal the exact definition, from their the participant learned that Journalism is what maintains democracy. It’s the force for progressive change. The news is a recent or current incident or issue within a specific locality; area or region, be it proximate or from a distance, or across the global community.

Given news writing is a regular work for the webmaster and information officer, this particular event will surely help to enhance and strengthen the advocacy in writing news article of the participants. All the information’s given by the resource speaker on this writeshop are an indicatives to improve the writing skill towards a good news writing.

In this particular activities, participants are expected to bring their own laptop, soft copy of municipal information or data ready for upload and personal stamina and creativity to undertake this particular training in news writing advocacy, this is a management tool considered to be a helping hand in disseminating information not only to the constituents of an LGU but to the entire world as well. The WBA beneficiaries is looking forward the next leg of this project which is expected to be Photography.