LANTAWAN,BASILAN- “Kemon makanak duk bahu inanak duk sampay aa bahi subey recognized asal aa subey taga birth certificate” (all children, new born and even old ones will be recognized as person unless registered by means of Certificate of Live Birth (COLB) issuance), Hon. Rustam M. Ismael, Mayor, Municipality of Lantawan. Giving importance to improving the lives of the Filipino people, the Municipality celebrated the “Civil Registration Month 2018”, with the theme “Napapanahong CRVS” through two (2) activities namely, an Information Drive and a free Mobile Registration last February 26, this year at Barangay Lower Baňas, Lantawan Municipality, Basilan.

This is in partnership with the Office of the Municipal Civil Registrar, headed by Mr. Bojo Sajiran, and in close coordination with the Philippine Statistics Office Basilan Provincial Field Office (PSA-BPFO). Around 200 constituents participated in both activities. In total, 116 females and 34 males were registered while the remaining 60 registrants are still being processed.

Given the Municipality’s population of more than 24,000, the Ismael Administration is planning to conduct another Free Mobile Registration this February 2019 in Barangay Canibungan.