The Municipal Government scheduled a Market Day or a “Tabuh Day” for Lantawan constituents every Wednesday of the week, wherein all Barangays are requested to participate and bring in their different types of ¬†products to Lantawan Public Market at¬† km. 19, Barangay Pamucalin, Lantawan, Basilan for display and to be sold to the buying public.

All consumers are invited to be at the market place to enjoy various display of products like hardware supplies, schools supplies, grocery goods, vegetables, fruits, fresh fish, dried fish, seafood and other marine products. An ukay-ukay supplies are also displayed in the premises.

This activity is not only establishing camaraderie among the constituents but this will greatly developed the mutual trust and friendship relationship among the people as well within the community, Mayor Rustam M. Ismael, said.

Please do come and enjoy the weekly affair.

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