The municipal government of Lantawan through it’s Office of the Local Civil Registry successfully conducted Mobile Free Birth Registration at Barangay Tairan as one of the highlights of Civil Registration Month 2019.


January 30.2019 – Municipal Peace and Order Council (MPOC) Emergency Meeting held at Executive Hall, Municipal Complex, Atong-Atong, Lantawan, Basilan. An Emergency MPOC Meeting conducted due to recent atrocities happened in some other provinces/municipalities and cities, the meeting is presided by Honorable Rustam M. Ismael together with the PNP PINSP Joseph Gordovez, AFP Capt. Elmer continue reading : EMERGENCY MEETING?


A collective wedding or Mass Wedding is a marriage ceremony in which several couples are married at the time. The Municipal Government of Lantawan thru its Office of the Municipal Civil Registrar(MCR) in coordination with the Philippines Statistics Authority(PSA) initiated MASS WEDDING for the constituents of barangay Tairan and other neighboring barangay held at TARBAMBC continue reading : MASS WEDDING


Tawbah’ refers to asking repentance from Allah SWT for the sins that we commit. A culminating activity program conducted for three days khuruj on January 26, 2019 at Motorpool, Atong-Atong, Lantawan. Basilan. The said activity is joint initiative of the religious sectors, barangay chairmen and the municipal government of Lantawan spearheaded by Honorable Rustam M. continue reading : TAWBAH FOR DRUG SURRENDEREES?


MAO,Lantawan, Basilan – The Municipal Agriculture and Fishery Council (MAFC)of Lantawan recently conducted their quarterly meeting, August 30, 2018 held at Farmers’ Training Center at Matarling, Lantawan, Basilan Province. The MAFC is the composition of private sector, mostly farmers and fisher folks, and government sectors related to Agricultural logistic of Philippine Coconut Authority (PCA)and Bureau continue reading : WHAT IS MAFC?


AUGUST 16, 2018, LM METRO HOTEL Z.C – The Western Alliance of Basilan information officers gathered to attend News Writing Writeshop to be conducted by Institute for Autonomy and Governance (IAG) and organizers, AECID-MILAD Project from August 16-17, 2018 at LM Metro Hotel, Tetuan, Zamboanga City. The municipality of Lantawan send Hja Nena L. Namla continue reading : NEWS WRITING ADVOCACY

LGU-Lantawan Joins Civil Registration Month 2018

MCRO – Municipality of Lantawan thru the Office of the Municipal Civil Registrar in close coordination with the Philippine Statistics Office Basilan Provincial Field Office (PSA-BPFO) were one in celebrating the Civil Registration Month 2018 with the theme “napapanahong CRVS” on February 26, 2018 at barangay Lower Baňas, Lantawan municipality, Basilan. This celebration stresses the continue reading : LGU-Lantawan Joins Civil Registration Month 2018


The Sanggunian Bayan of Lantawan passed the Gender Equality and Development (GEAD) code of Lantawan last March 2018 during the regular session at Session Hall, Atong-Atong, Lantawan, Basilan Province. The municipal government needed to establish a GEAD code. This is for the Women and Men equally contributing and benefiting from development. The GEAD is about continue reading : LANTAWAN PASSES GEAD CODE